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Бар "Последнее убежище"
PROsniperДата: Суббота, 23.05.2009, 21:03 | Сообщение # 1
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Приветствую вас друзья!
Беседка (Станция Сухаревская) является темой для разговоров на любые темы, будь то разговоры о жизни, о фильмах, о спорте.

В зависимости от обстоятельств, правила в теме будут добавляться и пере проверяться.
Просьба ко всем участникам, не нарушать данные правила беседки.

Что разрешается и приветствуется в теме:
Хорошее настроение и дружный коллектив. smile
Грамматика (старайтесь писать без ошибок)

Что запрещается в теме:
Провокации участников сайта.
Обсуждение действий администрации.
Флуд и размещение рекламы.
Приятного вам дня жители метро!

Жизнь как пуля сквозь голову... Ты ещё ничего не успел понять, а тебя уже нет...

Сообщение отредактировал Rus_AK - Четверг, 25.08.2011, 11:17
N1KOL@YДата: Четверг, 01.08.2013, 01:25 | Сообщение # 1381
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Воля,  да)

Ну письмо заказное было, там лежало письмо собственно и фенечка)

ВоляДата: Четверг, 01.08.2013, 01:34 | Сообщение # 1382
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N1KOL@Y, нууу... объяснишь мне!?)

Героизм - это плата солдат за ошибки команди­ров. © ...
N1KOL@YДата: Пятница, 09.08.2013, 00:17 | Сообщение # 1383
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Воля, хоpошо) Скажешь мне как отпpавлять будешь))

ЭолДата: Четверг, 22.08.2013, 22:40 | Сообщение # 1384
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Здорова! biggrin Я снова тут)

Измени свое мышление и ты изменишь свою жизнь.
ВоляДата: Суббота, 31.08.2013, 00:45 | Сообщение # 1385
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N1KOL@Y, вот облом. там никаких сувиниров не было.. водили по экскурсиям.

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КолДата: Пятница, 08.11.2013, 09:25 | Сообщение # 1386
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здесь был жека
мишка и гришка геи
катька шлюха
14/88 россия для русскех 卐
впирёт антифа! бей фошню!
卐 зик хай! смерть хачам! пизди чуро~
светка я тибя люблю пошли ибаца!
продам гараж 8-915-243-53-42

Сообщение отредактировал Кол - Пятница, 08.11.2013, 09:29
N1KOL@YДата: Воскресенье, 23.02.2014, 01:33 | Сообщение # 1387
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ВоляДата: Понедельник, 03.03.2014, 21:07 | Сообщение # 1388
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N1KOL@Y, привет))давно не виделись. как ты?)

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GeorgeFUPSДата: Понедельник, 17.11.2014, 01:06 | Сообщение # 1389
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п»їDo pick up lines genuinely work? Yet when we hear the phrase "pickup line," we tend to visualize some sleazy dude wearing a gold chain displayed across his hairy chest. As a Barry White song plays on the soundtrack, he lurks in the nightclub looking for his next conquest...
He goes to approach the girl...looks her up and down, like a hungry jackal eyeballing a slab of meat...and delivers a cheesy pick up line that causes her to roll her eyes (or throw her martini in his face).
I'm referring to pick up lines like these...
"I sure hope you know CPR, because you're taking my breath away."
"Can I borrow a quarter? <What>for?] I want to call my mom and tell her I just met the woman of my dreams."
"Hey, can I borrow a map? Because I keep on getting lost in your eyes."
"Are you religious? Cause you are the answers to all my prayers."
"Sorry lady, but you owe me a drink. <Why>] Because when I looked at you, I dropped mine."
"Hello. Cupid called. He says to tell you that he needs my heart back."
"I play the field, and it looks like I just hit a home run with you."
"Your legs must be tired because you've been running through my mind all night."
"Is there an airport nearby or is that just my heart taking off?"
"I was so mesmerized by your beauty that I ran into that wall over there...I'm going to need your name and number for insurance purposes."
Now, not all pick up lines are THAT cheesy. I'll give you a few examples of pickup lines that I've successfully used to approach women. The key is to follow them up with something more clever (I'll give you some of these "transitions" in a minute).
"Would you touch me so I can tell my friends I've been touched by an angel?"
"Can you pull this heart-shaped arrow out of my back, because a little kid with wings just shot me."
"Your daddy must have been a baker, because you've got a nice set of buns."
"If a thousand painters worked for a thousand years, they could not create a work of art as beautiful as you."
(You shouldn't use this pick up line on girls who are very hot and KNOW it. This line is more effective when you approach women who appear to be a bit shy and don't have a stuck-up attitude.)
And then, there's another category of pick up lines some guys use when they approach women. You can call these ones...
Pick Up Lines That Might Get You Kicked In The Balls
You'll want to be extremely cautious when using the following lines when you approach women. A woman with a sense of humor might find them amusing, but you also run the risk of getting hit or having a martini tossed in your face. (Especially if her boyfriend the UFC fighter happens to be standing nearby.) Like I said, be careful...
"Do you know what has 142 teeth and holds back the Incredible Hulk? <What>] My zipper."
"Your daddy must play the trumpet, because he sure made me horny!"
"That's a nice set of legs, what time do they open?"
The Truth About Pick Up Lines
But are all pick up lines only good for a laugh? Would any REAL pick up artist deign to use them? I've written several popular books on how to pick up women, which teach many different resourceful approaches to starting conversations with girls. And personally, I think pick up lines are usually way too obvious.
I typically suggest that you use the "under the radar" style of opening conversations. This means you use a clever, unexpected comment or question to catch her interest and engage her in the interaction without telegraphing that you like her. Essentially, you're "breaking the ice" in a way that feels fun and non-threatening.
I like to approach the girl and ask her a clever question, one that females are naturally going to have an opinion about.
Opener #1: "Quick question -- would you allow your boyfriend to go to a bachelor party if you knew there were going to be strippers there? Because my friend Jennifer is sort of freaking out about this right now."
Opener #2: "Hey, help me settle a debate I'm having with my friends. How long do you need to be dating someone before you change your status on Facebook from "single" to "in a relationship?" Because my friend Jennifer has been going out with a guy for a month and SHE thinks it's an exclusive thing, but he hasn't changed his "single" status and she's wondering if she should say something..."
These methods of approaching women are especially effective because they're based on what I call "relationship grey areas." Men and women tend to have their own ideas about what's allowed in a relationship, and what is unacceptable. Another example: is it "cheating" if a guy hangs out with his ex-girlfriend socially, without telling his current girlfriend?
The bottom line is, when you are approaching women a good opener is going to make her WANT to respond. And if you're a confident, playful guy, this one always gets a fun reaction:
"Do I look gay? Because this guy was TOTALLY hitting on me in the bathroom a second ago. Be honest, is it my shirt?" (Or, "is it the way my ass looks in these jeans?")
I wouldn't classify those as pick up lines. But does this mean pick up lines are, by definition, a bad thing?
In some situations, I actually opened the conversation by using one of those cheesy pick up lines -- and because I was able to transition into a fun conversation, I was able to get the girl into bed that night!
I showed a sense of humor by "confessing" that I had used a corny line to try to pick her up. After delivering it, I followed up with "I know that TOTALLY sounded like a pick up line...but I want to talk to you for a second and I couldn't think of what else to say. My name's Dean..."
Then from that stage, I used my Mack Tactics -- I asked a few "strategic" questions to get her in a fun mindset, and sharing information about herself...I used techniques like "Cold Reads" and "Hypotheticals"... and at all times, I stayed in control of the interaction and guided it down the correct path.
The simple truth is, you can get away with using a laughable pick up line and actually make women laugh (in a good way). The key to making this work is understanding how to follow it with something clever that makes her want to talk to you.
Or, you can always use this:
"You're so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line."
(Women always find that one cute and funny!)
However, before I tell you how to "seal the deal" with women of all ages, please pay attention to this warning...
The strategies in our FREE guide to approaching girls will affect females on a subconscious level and trigger their subconscious sexual desires. We ask you to please use this information responsibly! These are quite simply the most powerful techniques if you want to go beyond funny pick up lines, and make women feel hardcore sexual attraction to you.
If you're ready to take your approach skills with women to the ultimate level, download your FREE guide to approaching women -- along with a bunch of amazing free bonuses -- at our How To Appproach Women website.
Click Here For The Secrets of Approaching Women

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п»їHere’s a question I love to ask guys who go to the gym every day: “Do you want to lift weights or do you want to build muscle?” The fact is most people lose sight of why they are lifting weights in the first place. Favorite exercises take on a life of their own. People perform them by rote, day after day, month after month and never evaluate whether it’s generating a tangible benefit. It’s a classic case of what philosopher Alan Watt’s called “mistaking the menu for the food.” It not about the exercises - it's about gaining muscle.
A true, muscle-building workout is an event! It’s an adventure! It takes you into territory you’ve never been in before. It’s the opposite of what the folks are doing in the “cardio” area of the gym. In the cardio area bored men and women walk, jog and step on machines while they read a magazine or absent-mindedly gaze at a ceiling mounted television. They grind away at a steady pace and sharp mental focus is the last thing they want because the activity is sheer boredom and who wants to dwell on that?
Building muscle is different.
No two strength workouts should ever be the same. Every exercise in every workout should involve a higher intensity of muscular output. That means you should always be reaching new personal records of heavier weight or more reps or an extra set. That’s how new muscle is built. It’s an adaptation to a new, greater demand.
Here are three secrets to having the kind of explosive workouts that build muscle.
#1 - Right Exercises
Individual exercises come in and out of vogue for a variety of reasons. But the only thing that really matters is which exercise permits you to deliver the absolute highest possible overload to the muscle you are targeting.
Take triceps for example. You could do cable press downs, dumbbell triceps extensions, dips, pushups, French presses, close-grip bench presses…I could go on and on. Then there are the dozens of variations of triceps machines from all the leading equipment companies.
How do you know which one is right for you? The simple answer is: the one that allows you to hoist the most weight. So if you can do dumbbell triceps extension with 40 pounds in each hand but you can do weighted dips with your full body weight plus 30 pounds of plates hanging from a weight belt, it’s pretty obvious which one is delivering the highest overload to your triceps.
Perhaps more important, using some simple experimentation you can test the validity of exercises that are recommended by gurus, gym rats and other erstwhile helpful people. Just compare how much you can barbell squat vs. hack squat vs. leg press and you’ll reach your own empirically validated conclusions.
When you start using the best exercise for each muscle group your workouts will explode.
#2 - Big Weights
This point is an obvious corollary of point #1 but it goes further. Even with the right exercise you have a choice between using a heavier weight and doing fewer reps (or a shorter static hold) or using a lighter weight and doing more reps (or a longer static hold). I’ve tested all these combinations and none works better than hoisting the heaviest weight you can for a little as 5 seconds of static contraction. The intensity of that overload creates maximum metabolic changes in the body. It literally forces an adaptation.
Don’t believe that old gym bromide about “light weights for definition” High reps with light weight is pretty much a complete waste of your time. It’s inefficient at building muscle and it’s inefficient at improving definition. There are better ways to do both.
When you start using big weights for each exercise your workouts will explode.
#3 - Short Duration
If your workout is taking you more than 30 minutes something is wrong. If you’re getting it done in less than 20 minutes you’re on the right track. Remember, a good muscle-building workout isn’t like sleep walking on the treadmill or stair stepper. It’s all out, it’s high intensity, and you can’t sustain it for long because it takes everything you have. You’re forcing your body to adapt to a massive stress.
I work with advanced trainees who target five different muscle groups per workout and they are finished in 15 minutes. In that time they actually perform only 25 seconds of actual lifting. That’s not a typo…they perform five exercises using a five-second static hold on each exercise. When they return to the gym in two weeks or so they perform five different exercises for different muscles. And they make progress on every exercise in every workout. How many people do you know who can honestly say that? – new personal records on every workout!
When you start engineering workouts that are super intense and can be sustained for only a short time your workouts will explode.
So please think about these three 'secrets' next time you are in the gym. And ask yourself, “Do you just want to lift weights or do you want to build muscle?”
Pete Sisco

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п»їThere are not many things you'll experience in life as painful as your partner cheating on you. There are ways to deal with the pain of infidelity if you choose to forgive it. Right now, the pain you're feeling is probably overwhelming. Believe it or not, there advantages to forgiving someone who's cheated on you, even though forgiveness might not seem to make much sense right now. There are many good reasons for you to take this extraordinary step, but the most important should be that you're doing it for yourself. There are so many ways that forgiving him and rebuilding the relationship will benefit you as well. Forgiving infidelity, though, is something that you do only once with a boyfriend - make it clear that there are no third chances. If he's cheated before, and has now cheated again, you know he's going to do it again. Get on with your life without him. If he seems remorseful and seeks your forgiveness, and wants to rebuild the relationship, then try the following steps:
Healing Infidelity Tip #1
The first step is to discuss his cheating with him. No matter hard it is for you, it's going to be hard on him as well, because he's going to have to explain why he couldn't be faithful. He'll be admitting that he's weak. But it's a critical conversation to have if you're to find out why he cheated. Perhaps he thought that your feelings for him had cooled down, or maybe he just had a crisis of self-confidence. When he gives his account of his actions, don't be judgmental and accusing. If he's sincere, he feels bad enough now, and you probably can't say anything to him he hasn't said himself. You'll be able to judge the depth of his sincerity and remorse during this conversation, which is the other reason you can't skip it.
Healing Infidelity Tip #2
The second step is to let it all out. It's time like this that you feel all sorts of emotions and feelings churning away inside you. You need to let your emotions out, but don't do it in a harmful way. Drugs and alcohol, for instance, are far more likely to harm you than let you deal with your emotions. There are all sorts of ways to express those emotions, though, without risking your physical or mental health in the process. An excellent outlet is to write in a journal. Another approach is to adopt a regular workout routine. The point is, though, that you've got to do something to get those emotions out of you - you've got to purge them. Even crying is a good option - as long as you let go of them. You must be healed yourself if you're going to heal your relationship.
Healing Infidelity Tip #3
The third step is making the actual choice to forgive him for betraying you. At this point, if you haven't really forgiven him, there's no point in being in a relationship with your boyfriend. It's time to put the past behind you. You made your choice, now forgive him. The strength to forgive him won't come from your mind, but from your heart.
Healing Infidelity Tip #4
The fourth step is to make an appointment with a counsellor or other mental health professional. You both need some professional-level help and support in your relationship. The only alternative is to talk to a trusted friend who's had first-hand experience in what you're going through. As with all things worth having, this will take some work. One crucial point is to listen to what he has to say and don't accuse. Don't waste your time, or your friend's by pointing fingers or being judgmental. The relationship won't be saved by either of you, or both of you, working alone. It can only be restored if you work together.
Healing Infidelity Tip #5
The fifth and final step is to realize, deep in your heart, that this terrible thing happened, but it's over now, and you're ready to move on. The kind of pain caused by infidelity can be massive. It takes time to heal with both of you working on it. Betrayal's pain doesn't get healed overnight, so don't expect that. It's generally take you longer to heal, since you were the one who was hurt. The healing will come faster, though, if you look forward instead of backward.
For the sake of your relationship, I certainly hope that the steps I've outlined here can help you heal the pain of infidelity. As they say, sometimes bad things happen to good people. When we encounter such bad situations, what's most important is how we lean and grow from them.

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п»їWhether you just got out of a relationship, or have been struggling to heal your broken heart for some time now, figuring out how to move on can be confusing, fear-inducing, and downright uncomfortable. Not only do you have to let go of your past, but you’ve got to be willing to embrace the unknown future. If the task sounds daunting, don’t worry. By unlocking the following seven secrets, you’ll unleash your personal reinvention and go from “I’ll never be the same” to “What was his name?” in no time!
Secret #1: Become a “glass is half full” kind of person
Maybe your last relationship wasn’t so good. Maybe your entire relationship history makes you feel frustrated, confused, and/or disappointed. Instead of embracing bitterness or defeat, why not take a step back and look at your life from a different perspective? Start by asking yourself what you learned from your last relationship and all those previous relationships. By embracing the idea that there’s a reason for everything and/or a life lesson to be learned, how can you shift from being a “glass is half empty” kind of person to seeing the glass as half full? It may be as simple as shifting focus to the blessings in your life, rather than obsessing about what’s missing. Starting today, practice gratitude for your home, your health, your job, your friends, your pets, and/or your family. By celebrating the many blessings already in your life, you’re better able to feel good about your future, and ultimately attract healthy, happy, whole individuals who are also “glass is half full” kind of people.
Secret #2: Play up your strengths
It’s all too easy to focus on our flaws. But what if instead you played up your strengths? For example, instead of obsessing about the fact that your butt’s bigger than you’d like, or your childhood was kind of screwed up, or that you got passed over for that promotion at work, celebrate the many ways you’re magnificent. For example, rather than feel bad about your bodacious booty, show off your sexy calves by wearing sassy heels and skirts. Or, let go of your dysfunctional childhood and instead celebrate the amazing friends you have in your life right now. Or, infuse your work with renewed passion and enthusiasm, getting your boss’ attention in the process and possibly earning yourself a promotion in the months to come.
Secret #3: Fall in love with yourself
We all have those days when we don't feel pretty, think we’ve missed out on our chance at love, and/or in general feel frustrated about the state of our lives. When you start to feel this way, remind yourself of your own innate fabulousness. You ARE a catch! You have a fantastic life full of possibility! You’re an amazing human being, flaws and all. By celebrating who you are at your very core, and learning to accept yourself warts and all, you’re better able to love and accept yourself in the moment. In the process, others will take notice. Before you know it, you’ll be attracting like-minded individuals who love themselves, warts and all.
Secret #4: Don't take life too seriously
Sometimes it’s hard to get outside your comfort zone, take risks, and go for what you really want. But guess what? Now’s the perfect time to take life less seriously and increase your level of every day enjoyment. The radical results? You’ll free yourself from self-inflicted judgment, and create a space where doing things that once scared you now feels not only possible but easy. Maybe you’ll start writing that book, take that trip abroad, approach a cute stranger and just say hi, or splurge on your first home (a feat that once felt impossible). Whatever it is that used to seem out of reach, give yourself permission to go for it, starting today. By not taking yourself or your life too seriously, you begin to enjoy your everyday experiences so much more and start attracting amazing individuals.
Secret #5: Make time for things you enjoy
It’s all too easy to get bogged down by obligation. But what if in 2009, you regularly took time away from your “have to” schedule for that equally important “want to” list? At least once a week, make a date with yourself and have some fun. From signing up for salsa dance class to attending a creative workshop that speaks to you to having game night with friends, play time is just as important (if not more) as work time. By creating space to feed your spirit, you awaken your best self. The results? A more satisfying life, plus the possibility of meeting like-minded potential partners.
Secret #6: Meet new people
Now that you’re single again, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and find like-minded individuals. Volunteer for a cause near and dear to you. Join a new club or take up a new activity. Get involved in your community. In the process, you’ll meet inspired individuals with similar interests. Seek them out on a regular basis and enjoy time with new friends. You never know how these new connections will enhance your life. From finding love to embarking on new adventures to experiencing amazing new opportunities, now’s your chance to expand your social circle.
Secret #7: Invest in your personal development
With your heart on the mend, why not do something to inspire personal growth? It’s a great way to celebrate yourself and encourage continued expansion. Invest in a self help book that appeals to you. Spend time with a mentor or guru you admire. Hire a life coach and create and action plan for the next six months. By investing in yourself and your personal development, you’ll be well-equipped to celebrate the amazing individual that you are and continue to become. Love that!
Learning to celebrate yourself is the key to your reinvention. By unlocking the seven secrets above in the coming months, you’re sure to experience a most magnificent reinvention. When in doubt, practice patience, perseverance, and humility. Good luck!

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п»їThinking about buying a Treadmill? Here are 4 questions to ask BEFORE you buy to make sure you get the most out of your treadmill purchase:
Question #1: What will you use your treadmill for?
Will you be using your treadmill for walking or running? If you're planning on running on your treadmill, you'll probably want one that's high on stability and cushioning. According to a treadmill review done by Runner's World, stability is the most important quality of a good treadmill.
You'll probably also want a treadmill with a higher powered motor (2-3 HP continuous duty), a strong frame and a larger walking belt area.
If you're planning to walk only on your treadmill or use it for shorter workouts, you can choose a one that's just as stable but a little lower in price.
If you plan to use the treadmill to travel uphill you'll want one with an incline (normal inclines are approximately 10%).
If you want to use it to burn calories and lose weight you might want one with a heart rate monitor or a calories burned display or some preset programs.
Question #2 Who will use the treadmill?
Are you the only one that will be using your treadmill? If so, then you can easily answer question #1 (What will you use your treadmill for?). But if there are other people in your household who'll want to use the treadmill, you'll have to consider question #1 in light of everyone's use of it.
For example, you might use it for casual walking and short distances but perhaps your spouse will use it to train for a 21k run! That will definitely change your needs!
And while we certainly don't want to offend, you might be light but perhaps another person using the treadmill is on the heavier side. Check that the treadmill can handle the person with the heavier weight, especially if that person plans on running!
It's always better to go with a sturdier, more powerful model if you're not sure. It's certainly easier than having to deal with a pricey treadmill repair after the first year because of too much (or too heavy) use!
Question #3: When & How Much will You Use Your Treadmill?
All jokes about clothes racks aside, chances are if you take the time to compare, review and shop for your treadmill, you'll use it.
But how MUCH are you planning to use it? Will you use it in the winter months only as an indoor workout method? Are you planning to use it 3-5 x a week all year round? How long will your average workouts be?
There are some treadmills that don't advise you using it for more than an hour at time. There are others like those designed for gym or commercial use that stand up better when used for more than hour-long workouts.
Knowing the answers to these questions can also help you determine if you should buy a treadmill with a lifetime or 5 yr warranty. There are also different types of warranties you'll want to check out (for example: 5 yr motor warranty, 2 yr parts warranty, etc)
Question #4: Which special treadmill features do you need?
This is where buying a treadmill gets really fun! What kind of special features do you need (or want) with your treadmill?
There are tons of options here. If you're the kind of person that gets bored easily you might want to buy a treadmill with lots of built in training programs or one with a magazine rack so you can read.
Do you want one that's foldable so that you can easily open up the space in the room?
What about one with a reading rack or a space for your water bottle? Do you want one with a heart-rate monitor?
And what about what you get WITH your treadmill purchase? For example, some online treadmill manufacturers give you a free treadmill mat or free shipping with their home treadmills!
No matter what treadmill you choose to buy, make sure YOU'LL have fun with it! Isn't that what getting in shape is all about? Good luck and may your treadmill be all that you want it to be!

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п»їBreathing Fundamentals for Health and Personal Development
Personal development is a lot about creating energy and managing it. The way we breathe, the quality of our respiration, is our primary source of energy. From the connection to our core to the experience and expression of our truth, the way we breathe guides, supports or defeats all inward experience and outward expression. Breathing poorly or well gets in our way or can become the “wind beneath our wings”.
There is a direct relationship between breathing and feeling fully alive. Many people feel like they are powerless or are getting old before their time. What is more important is that they are often losing or never developed their ability to breathe. As the breathing energy develops, the energy of bliss, excitement and ecstasy must be tolerated or contained to be properly managed.
Health wise, people say breath is life but few realize how true that really is. Did you know that your breathing volume is directly correlated to how long you will live? The Framingham study of 5,200 people over 30 years and a similar follow up study both came to the same conclusion.
Most people don't pay any attention to the way they breathe until it is too late. Studies show if you don't breathe properly you lose from 9-25% of your lung capacity every decade. Exercise helps but some kinds of exercises can actually worsen good breathing, many popular sports included.
By the time you get diagnosed for a respiration problem by an MD you may have already lost up to 50% of your breathing capacity or conditioning. There are easy day to day steps you can take to maintain your breathing as well as recover some or a lot of what you have lost. By accelerating your breathing development you can add a huge positive element to most aspects of your health and well being. Better breathing has often been known to reduce or eliminate many diseases due to the way it increases the oxygen supply and recharges and balances the central and autonomic nervous systems.
Did you know that many hold their breath and don't even know it? That can lead to shallow and distorted breathing. Poor breathing leads to major oxygen and energy shortages that are related to anxiety, asthma, allergies, depression, fatigue, high blood pressure, poor sleep, poor exercise habits, poor speaking, and problems with singing, sports performance, or weight control.
Inspiration is to breathe in spirit. Breathing is definitely a spiritual process but gets tied into a spiritual agenda which often clouds or distorts the simple issue of healthy optimal breathing.
To know where we stand throughout life’s challenges we must be and stay grounded. The way we breathe can serve as the foundation of our way of being. If it is not developed in a balanced way it may well distort our perceptions and invite confusions and inconsistencies in our responses.
Here are some ways to learning more about your breathing.
1. Do you ever experience:
Shortness of breath, unsatisfying breath, breathlessness, or air hunger; Can't catch breath or deep breathing curtailed; can't get "over the hump"; Breathing feels stuck; Feel a hitch, bump or lump right below your breastbone when you try to take a deep breath; Breathing feels like a series of events instead of one smooth internally coordinated, continuous flow; Breathing is labored or restricted; Tightness, soreness or pressure in the chest or below breast bone; Sore deep pain feeling like a band across the chest Pulsing or stabbing feeling in and around ribs; Tense overall feeling; Side stitches; Chest wall tenderness; Chest is large and stiff; Sunken or depressed chest; Scoliosis or abnormal curvature of spine; Jaw tension; Shoulder tension; Stiff neck; Tightness around the mouth; Tension around the eyes; Lump in throat; Wear tight or restrictive clothing including belts and bras; Washboard abs, Constant fatigue, Poor sleep or often waking up tired even when you have gone to bed on time and had 7-8 hours sleep.
2. Stand and look into a mirror or ask someone to observe you. Take a very deep breath, as deep as you can. When you breathe in very deeply: a. Do you raise your collar bones? b. Do you raise your shoulders? c. Do your neck muscles bulge out?
3. Breaths per minute. How many? While sitting or prone, observe your natural breathing pattern without manipulating it. Using a watch, count your complete breaths in one minute. A complete breath is one inhale and one exhale and possibly a pause at the end of the exhale.
Scores: Answers in #1 Any one of the choices may indicate restricted breathing.
#2. Any of the choices may indicate high chest breathing that invites anxiety, shortness of breath and vaso restriction often called hyperventilation or over-breathing.
#3. Our statistics show that best may be below 5 breaths per minute.
Breath is life.
Are you:
1. Curious about your breathing & its relationship to your health & well being?
2. Have or suspect a breathing problem?
3. Think you already know how to breathe correctly?
4. Curious about how you compare to others?
Take our Free Breathing Tests at www.breathing.com
Learn from the test scores correlations of over 55,000 test takers.
Michael Grant White, OBDMT, NE, NCLMBT #1724,
The Optimal Breathing Coach

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п»їFew people understand the value of decisiveness. The ability to make quick decisions not only lends you an air of confidence, intelligence and authority, it can also make the difference between a positive and negative outcome in many situations. Some people believe that they are just “naturally indecisiveness” which is decidedly not true. Indecision, like every other behavior humans display, is simply a learned behavior. When you take the time to understand where it comes from, and a few quick tips that you can apply to head it off, then overcoming your indecision and becoming a confident, strong-willed decision-maker is an easy thing to do.
Understanding Indecision
The root of indecision can be summed up in a single word: fear. An indecision person is simply someone who is afraid to make a wrong choice. Why do we hesitate at a crossroads? Because we’re afraid we’ll go the wrong way. Why do we agonize over menu-selections at restaurants? Because we’re afraid we won’t pick the best thing, or won’t like what we pick. Think about it, and you’ll find it applies to almost every situation we can come up with. It is a psychologically proven fact, and research also shows that the more options a person is presented with the more difficult it becomes to make a decision.
There are two ways to get to the bottom of this fear and overcome indecision: faith and confidence. On the one hand, you can look at in terms of eternal abundance and positivity:
“No matter what I choose I’ll be fulfilled, and protected, and everything is always all right."
Simply having faith is a powerful, profoundly life-altering practice that will likely apply to more than just your decision-making. If that doesn’t happen to be your cup of tea, that’s fine, just look at it like this:
“I’m not going to be right all the time, but I know that when I do make a wrong decision I’ll be able to overcome it and accomplish my goals. I’ll also get the benefit of a valuable learning experience, and the insight to make better decisions in the future.”
Establish a Model for Decision-Making
Once you understand why you’re indecisive, you’ll being to recognize it in yourself when you’re called upon for decision-making. You’ll “feel” the doubt and worry operating just below the surface that almost seems to paralyze you, and once you’re aware of it you can overcome it. It helps to lay out some guidelines to help you make decisions quickly beforehand, so when the time comes you’ll have something to reference and get the ball rolling. This can be simple, such as:

* Evaluate the sitation.
* Evaluate the options.
* Consider the consequences.
* Do this in < 5 minutes.Practice Making Quick Decisions
Obviously if you’re confronted with a very important decision it might not be the best time to practice “speed deciding.” This is something I like to do with little things, such as at the supermarket. If I have several options for a product, I’ll give them all a quick once over and force myself to settle on one almost immediately so I avoid lingering and agonizing. I also listen to my intuition a lot and go for whatever “feels” the most right.
Decision making is a highly learnable skill, and a very beneficial one to take the time and master. You can build up your decisiveness in the ways described above (the last point about quick decisions can be especially helpful if you’ve got a history of indecision) and begin improving your abilities as soon as you choose.

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